( About us)

Branks is an independent creative duet focused on music composition and sound design, specializing in custom audio for advertising, broadcast and digital sectors.


​Driven by experimentation, research and art, our LAB allows us to explore using today's knowledges and technologies to bring you creative solutions. 

We carry out projects ranging from custom audio to the design of singular sound environments for art and experimental audio, immersive installations and new media. 

Each project is a measured search between knowledge and know-how, reflection and creation, where the whole of design and production cannot be thought in a dissociated way.


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( Services )

Music original

Sound design

Design musical

Music production

Sound installation

Sound exhibition

VR, AR & binaural audio

( Clients )


Ika Paris


Lecoq sportif


Scene city



Paf Atelier

Décor Sonore